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Sales policy

Dear Customer:

By means of this communication, we send you our greetings and likewise thank you for your preference for the products of Química Marel, S.A. de C.V. Below you will find essential points of interest for a suitable commercial exchange, based on the sales policies that the company has in place:

Orders and Delivery Times:

• To prevent errors in your orders, it is necessary to confirm your orders in writing by means of a purchase order with the correct descriptions, presentations, and prices, or by means of your acceptance via e-mail of a quote prepared by us. If you place your order in person at our stores, we will ask you to authorize the quote with your signature.
• Once the purchase order has been received, the sales area will inform you of the date and time of delivery of your material as soon as possible.
• Because our products are manufactured on request, if the customer changes or cancels an order that has already been produced, Química Marel, S.A. de C.V. may charge 10% on the canceled order or the modified parts, which will be charged in your next order. In addition, credit and/or payment conditions may be modified for this reason.


• Orders exceeding $3,000.00 pesos will be scheduled for delivery free of charge to the place you indicate, provided that is within the Guadalajara metropolitan area.
• If your order is below $3,000, home delivery or at the freight line of your choice will be carried out, provided that there is a delivery route to a nearby destination.
• Foreign shipments will be at the customer's own expense and risk, so you can specify the freight line that you want for your shipment, or failing that, the sales area will determine the freight line that best suits you and will notify you as soon as possible.


• If you submit a solid or liquid sample for color matching, it must be in good condition for assessment:
• Solid Sample: It must not exhibit wear and tear and must be at least five square centimeters in order to provide good visibility for the color; furthermore, the sample must exhibit only the color that you wish to match and no combined colors.
• Liquid Sample: At least 100 milliliters will be required to perform various tests for matching; furthermore, it must not have cream or debris foreign to the paint.
• When you choose your catalog sample, it is important that you use the Marel Catalog, since using selections from other catalogs (Pantone, vinyl catalogs, etc.
makes it difficult to match when the paints are of the industrial type, on which grounds color matching will not be guaranteed.
• If your sample has an appearance different from the one required in your order, the final result may vary, in which case color matching will not be guaranteed.
• Normal color variations exist due to the external conditions of light, humidity, heat, etc.
• The sample will not be returned.


• The sales area will give you the final quote for the materials that you require.
• Prices may vary without prior notice.
• In orders with special finishes and tonings, an additional amount will be charged, which will be indicated in your quote.

Technical Advice:

• If you require technical advice, you can request it from the sales area.
• As part of the technical advice, you will receive recommendations for specific products for your project, as well as any technical information necessary for your application and safety information for the materials, if required.
• If you request a visit from our consultants, Química Marel reserves the right to determine whethe it is appropriate, as well as the times when our consultant may visit your facilities.


• It is the coating end-user's responsibility to abide by appropriate application methods and to experimentally verify that the product that he or she purchases meets his or her performance and appearance expectations.
• It is also the applicator's responsibility to take suitable security measures for risk-free application. Química Marel provides you with the technical and safety information that you require.
• Química Marel is not liable for damages to persons, facilities, or equipment arising from improper use of our products.
• In case of a product failure attributable to us, Química Marel's liability is limited to the replacement of the purchased material.

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