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Who are we?

We at Marél® are specialists in providing extraordinarily successful industrial paint and coating solutions. We have a wide variety of outstandingly high-quality products for floors and industrial and marine maintenance, as well as for antistatic systems and for use in manufacturing for glass, plastic, and metal surfaces.

Since 1966, we have positioned ourselves as a leading company in Latin America by developing solutions and products with the highest international standards, which are applied in projects tailor-made for each customer.

"Our passion is providing solutions to your paint and coating needs. Our guarantee is your full satisfaction."
We are convinced that each project and each customer is different. We provide advice and solutions for the specific needs of your business and develop customized products with an emphasis on protecting your assets.
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Discover the needs of the markets and our customers to offer solutions in the following results through the development of new technologies. Give confidence, protection and beauty to Mexico.
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To be the leader in the innovation and development of new highly specialized technologies for industry by designing very high-performance and eco-friendly products and becoming the benchmark for quality, solutions, service, and commitment in the Americas, with sustained growth for the company and well-being for its employees.


  • Corporate Member
  • International Concrete
  • Certificacion ISO 9001 2015
  • Certificacion Iso 2015

    Benefits and Advantages

    • We have over 50 of experience and specialization.
    • We perfect and develop products specially made for industry solutions.
    • With our line of high-performance paints and coatings, we offer protection to your assets along with a better appearance and savings in maintenance.
    • Our certifications cover Mexico and the European Union.
    • We have our own development and research laboratory, which allows us to offer specific solutions to our customers' needs.
    • We have a testing laboratory to verify and guarantee the quality and performance of our products.

    Benefits and Advantages

    • We have various commercial alliances and partnerships with specialists in the field, with whom we share experiences to develop specialized products.
    • We are always at the forefront with cutting-edge technology that allows us to offer assertive high-quality solutions to add value to our customers' products.
    • CWe have different product lines to provide a comprehensive service to our customers.
    • We have special developments with the ability to adapt to specific requirements.
    • We offer advising services and specialized solutions.
    • We are committed to the environment; we have 100%-solids and water-based products.
    • We offer fast and efficient in-plant deliveries within 72 hours in special developments.
    • Our degree of specialization and quality allows us to efficiently serve domestic and international customers alike.
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    We passionately believe in providing help and contributing to shortening the path to professional and personal success.

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    Accumulating experience and specialization since 1966. Marél® is a leading company in industrial paints and coatings.

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    We focus on specializing, developing, and manufacturing our products and services on an ongoing basis.

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