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Our philosophy

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We passionately believe in providing help and contributing to shortening the path to professional and personal success. We have the most innovative technologies—to which we add our extensive experience and specialization—in order to offer customized solutions in high-quality industrial coatings.

We always have and will be in search of new ideas and of constant updating, since we perfectly understand that organizational character, specialization, flexibility, and excellent service generate relationships of value and trust that transform into deep commitment toward our customers, employees, society, and the environment.

Throughout our career, several values have guided us to the satisfactory achievement of our goals, most notably integrity, solidarity, and tenacity.

  • Integrity: We act with congruency between our thoughts and conduct, with moral and professional ethics.
  • Solidarity: We conduct ourselves with genuine convictions for equality and justice.
  • Tenacity: We are strong and dedicated in any circumstance; we bring about personal and collective growth and transformation.
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We at Marél® are specialists in providing extraordinarily successful industrial paint and coating solutions.

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Accumulating experience and specialization since 1966. Marél® is a leading company in industrial paints and coatings.

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We focus on specializing, developing, and manufacturing our products and services on an ongoing basis.