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Quality policy

Dear Customer:

For Marel, quality is the fundamental principle that guides our daily work. Because of this, and in order to maintain and increase our customers' trust, we have implemented a quality system based on ISO 9001:2015 and have defined a quality policy that serves as a reference framework to establish our quality goals.

Our commitments:

• Provide coating solutions that meet our customers' needs with the highest level of satisfaction in terms of performance.
• Provide consulting services, delivery, and training suitable to our customers' expectations.
• Encourage commitment to quality at all levels of our organization.
• Innovate constantly by developing high-performance products for industrial maintenance and manufacturing processes.
• Design products that are more eco-friendly and safer for our personnel, customers, and end users.
• Establish, review, and constantly assess our quality objectives.
• Ensure a safe and conflict-free work environment.
• Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our industry.

In general terms, we are committed to continuously improving our processes, products, services, and our relationships with our providers, workers, and customers.

Board of Directors of Química Marél S.A. de C.V.
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