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Service of application of industrial paints and coatings

At Marél industrial paints and coatings, we know how important it is for all our customers to receive personalized advice and support throughout the application process for our products. Because of this, to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction, we not only offer advice, but also the service of having our paints and coatings applied by highly qualified personnel with our characteristic support and guarantee.

as part of our application services, we offer you:

  • Application of epoxy paint for floors.
  • Application of polyurethane paint for floors.
  • Application on decorative floors.
  • Application on floors exposed to heavy traffic.
  • Signaling and beaconing.
  • Self-leveling systems.
  • Sanitary curves.
  • Repair of concrete joints.
  • Application of paint for food-grade floors (FDA).
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  • Application of paint for metal structures.
  • Painting of underground pipes.
  • Surfaces exposed to high temperatures.
  • Food-grade systems.
  • Systems for corrosive environments.
  • Marine-grade systems for boats.
  • IWaterproofing.
  • Application of paint for slides.
  • Coating systems for refrigeration chambers.
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  • Application on conductive floors.
  • Application on dissipative floors.
  • Application of conductive systems for metals.
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SIf you are interested in any other application service for Marél industrial paints or if you have any questions, call us at: 01 (33) 3633.2271 or email us at: