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    We offer application service of our industrial paints and coatings with the backing and the guarantee that characterizes us.

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    Learn about our success stories and become one of our many satisfied customers.

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    More than 50 years back us.
    We are specialists in providing solutions of
    extraordinary success
    for industry.

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    We have solutions specialized in controlling static charges. We offer systems conductive and dissipative.

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We at Marél® are specialists in providing extraordinarily successful industrial paint and coating solutions.

Our Lines

We have a wide variety of outstandingly high-quality products for floors and industrial and marine maintenance, as well as for antistatic systems and for use in manufacturing for glass, plastic, and metal surfaces.
  • Marél Floors
  • Marél Maintenance
  • Marél ESD Antistatic
  • Marél Manufacturing
  • Marél Floors

  • Marél Maintenance

  • Marél ESD Antistatic

  • Marél Manufacturing

Our Clients

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